Differences between WordPress.org and .com

As a wordpress pro,,I would like to explain to you what wordpress is and the big differences between wordpress .org and .com You will be able to make the right choice according to your needs!


WORDPRESS.ORG is an open source platform, which means that a team works voluntarily to develop a free application, everyone has the right to modify it and do what he wants. (This is why some webhosting offer there version!)

This means that the second option is free only if we accept advertising and the lack of a personalized domain name. Everything else is paying service!

2.. COM offers the hosting and. ORG is downloadable.

If you opt for a .com you can order your domain name directly on their servers, however, you will have no way to manage it at the fullestt, unless you transfer it elsewhere! WordPress. com il give you restrictions!

WordPress.ORG must be downloaded and installed on your server, accompanied by a database. You need to have a minimum of Web knowledge and how to use an FTP. Some webhosts (like mine, dm me to joins it) offer to do this work for you 100% free. This way you will have all the options and plugin in the world!

3. .COM costs more than .ORG

As I explained, WordPress.ORG is a free platform! However, you will need to get a webhoster and a domain name. It costs money, depending on how much space you want. It’s a little bit more work but you will have freedom on your site. For less than $100 per year, you can have your domain name and hosting. On .COM, to have access to all the services, it will cost you 389 $ US. You will, however, have fewer benefits and customizations than the .ORG

4. .ORG = unlimited customization <.COM = general limitation

.COM limits you everywhere! In the free version, you will not have access to the e-commerce module, while it is also available for free with woocommerce. ORG gives you access to a library of free extensions! These extensions are mostly free! You will also have access to a thousands of themes of all kinds!
If you want to code (php, javacript,etc) forget .COM! With the latter, you can only use what is provided to you!

Whether you choose .COM or .ORG , I hope this post will have enlightened you on the difference of these two platforms! You will be able to make the choice that suits you!

P.S I am francophone, I am sorry for the faults that could be in this text, if you want to correct it, do not hesitate!

A spa day to escape the reality

My mind always needs a vacation, if i could, i’ll be gon. Far away from that Montreal cold, sitting on the beach to a beautiful sunny day!! Hopefully there is another way to have a little happiness in the warmth. Spa day’s are my favourite winter fun! Thanks to the northern European to invent such a concept.

Seriously! I can’t resist to a wet sauna and hot jaccuzy, even more when is so cold outside. I feel relaxed and give me so much energy for the week to come. As a train almost daily, it also helps my muscular pains. I am surely gonna sleep like a baby the followed night! All good benefits for the body and mind! A day of vacation to escape my stressful life!

Bota Bota the dreamy escape!

My favourite urban spa is definitively Bota bota. Made on a real boat on the Montréal old Port. There are multiple hot and cold baths on board! Also in the summer the garden is so pretty full of flowers! But what’s very exceptional about this spa is the food! I had the best tartars of my life! And i am not talking about the view! It’s an amazing daily adventure!

In grand nature!  

If you have read my Albertan adventure, you surely did no miss, my wild hot spring story! This began rolling on the edge of a precipice! Yes literally 15 minutes on a narrow road with a breathtaking view towards the end. A false maneuver and I let you imagine the rest!

While I was scared for my life, I finally saw the parking lot. We were practically alone. To get to the hot spring, we had to descend the complete precipice (by stairs thankfully) The view was unreal, the icy river of mountains water mixes part of the hot spring. While some of the waters were almost unbearably hot, the other was freezing.

All this to tell you that it was the most beautiful spa experience of my life. I do seriously recommend you to visit a wild hot spring a least once in your life!! Add it to your bucket list!

For you, is a natural or artificial spa that suits you best? Please tell me in the comments!

Bucket List 2019

A new year is like a fresh start. I love setting new goals and seeing how much my priorities have changed!

Let’s See Together What I Wish 2019!

  1. Travel more: I wish to visit at least two new countries! Probably in Europe.
  2. Loose 15 to 20 pounds: And that’s without starving myself to death. I have gained almost 10 pounds in a year! I have to go back on track! Get healthier and stronger. I will do a healthy goal soon!
  3. Do more activities! Go outside more: I have the impression I am not doing enough in one day. I am all the time in front of my computer and it is no good!
  4. Save a bit of money: At least twenty dollars per month to help me get to goal No. 1. Not a lot but it will help!
  5. Write a blog post each month: No excuses for not having time! I need to make the time for it! Of course, if I can post more, it will be perfect!
  6. Buy more durable clothing: Taking time to invest in clothing that I love, and not in stuff that will go to waste in a matter of time!
  7. Bring a reusable cup: Yeah I need to be more self-conscious about that. I need to bring a cup with me when I go out!
  8. Read a book each month: Any kind of book, but read something new and take the time to do so!
  9. Find more clients for my business: I do want to have a profitable business for 2019. Less drama, and more profits. I will also do a bucket list for my business very soon!
  10. Work more on my social networks: Add new content on Instagram and Facebook!
  11. Be more grateful for what I have: I think this last one is the most important. Sometimes I do cry to the moon. My life is not an easy one, but I have a wonderful family and friends!

The Canadian Rockies

On May 10th to 21st, I had the pleasure of returning to the Canadian Rockies!

Like most of my trips, I was living like a real backpacker. I was staying in hotels and traveling mainly by hitchhiking. I do love my freedom and the possibility of improving! I love hiking and visiting the beautiful Canadian nature and wildlife!

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I did Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Invermere, the Glacier Trail, and Jasper. Like always, my trip was just fantastic. I have made myself some fabulous friends and wonderful souvenirs that will last forever!

A little video I made with my pictures and GoPro!

I hope you will enjoy my travel video. It is my first time trying to film with my new camera! There are also some of my favorite pictures! Please be free to give any advice that will be useful to help me!

My First Time in Portugal, Europe

I always dream of traveling, I didn’t get very far in my 20s unfortunately, but I did get to go to Canada, west to east twice, the USA as a teen, and once to Europe! That last trip was amazing! I loved it so much!

A Dream Come True.

So fantastic, at twenty-nine years old, a month and a half before my thirtieth birthday, I got to check something off my bucket list! I still can’t believe it yet! The airport ambiance, the stress of stepping into the plane, everything brings me joy! The food was not that good, but who cares haha! It was a night flight, so I mostly tried to sleep, but it did not work that much.

The arrival was pretty fast, the duty did not take too much of my time. I was so tired anyway, I admit my patience is not really good without a night of sleep!

It at least was so sunny and warm, way warmer than a Canadian November! The temperature was a delight almost all week, but I do remember a full day of rain!

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Food Porn, at its Best!!

In Portugal, the best food ever was the fish! It is so fresh and the way it is cooked makes it taste wonderful! I ate it every day, no joke. The wine was also really cheap, less than water! It is a really good place to become an alcoholic! I was drinking a bottle easily by myself! I, of course, brought some bottles of Porto home! But seriously, best food ever! If you are like me and love to eat, it is the best place for you! I am already missing it so much!

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Such a wonderful history.

I am not a Cinderella type of person, but history has always had a part in my life. Visiting a castle was something I had to do while visiting Europe. I had the chance to visit two castles in Sintra and I absolutely found them stunning!

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To finish, I loved my week! Yes, we mostly took time to rest, walk (a lot) and visit around Lisbon, but it was worth it! I will definitely go back solo, even if I have to live with people couch surfing, or stay in a hotel. My ultimate dream is that I will be in Europe for a month next year! I have to make that happen!

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My First Article

Yep, This is the first one! This article is a simple one, it is used to make my blog look full! A little trick to make my creation happen! Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

This is still way prettier than a lorem ipsum! I Hope you will like my blog, and please don’t forget to follow my Instagram! I LOVE to post new pictures!

P.S. Don’t forget this blog is a way for me to improve my English! I am a nice French Canadian!

See ya soon my friends!