Differences between WordPress.org and .com

As a wordpress pro,,I would like to explain to you what wordpress is and the big differences between wordpress .org and .com You will be able to make the right choice according to your needs!


WORDPRESS.ORG is an open source platform, which means that a team works voluntarily to develop a free application, everyone has the right to modify it and do what he wants. (This is why some webhosting offer there version!)

This means that the second option is free only if we accept advertising and the lack of a personalized domain name. Everything else is paying service!

2.. COM offers the hosting and. ORG is downloadable.

If you opt for a .com you can order your domain name directly on their servers, however, you will have no way to manage it at the fullestt, unless you transfer it elsewhere! WordPress. com il give you restrictions!

WordPress.ORG must be downloaded and installed on your server, accompanied by a database. You need to have a minimum of Web knowledge and how to use an FTP. Some webhosts (like mine, dm me to joins it) offer to do this work for you 100% free. This way you will have all the options and plugin in the world!

3. .COM costs more than .ORG

As I explained, WordPress.ORG is a free platform! However, you will need to get a webhoster and a domain name. It costs money, depending on how much space you want. It’s a little bit more work but you will have freedom on your site. For less than $100 per year, you can have your domain name and hosting. On .COM, to have access to all the services, it will cost you 389 $ US. You will, however, have fewer benefits and customizations than the .ORG

4. .ORG = unlimited customization <.COM = general limitation

.COM limits you everywhere! In the free version, you will not have access to the e-commerce module, while it is also available for free with woocommerce. ORG gives you access to a library of free extensions! These extensions are mostly free! You will also have access to a thousands of themes of all kinds!
If you want to code (php, javacript,etc) forget .COM! With the latter, you can only use what is provided to you!

Whether you choose .COM or .ORG , I hope this post will have enlightened you on the difference of these two platforms! You will be able to make the choice that suits you!

P.S I am francophone, I am sorry for the faults that could be in this text, if you want to correct it, do not hesitate!

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