A spa day to escape the reality

My mind always needs a vacation, if i could, i’ll be gon. Far away from that Montreal cold, sitting on the beach to a beautiful sunny day!! Hopefully there is another way to have a little happiness in the warmth. Spa day’s are my favourite winter fun! Thanks to the northern European to invent such a concept.

Seriously! I can’t resist to a wet sauna and hot jaccuzy, even more when is so cold outside. I feel relaxed and give me so much energy for the week to come. As a train almost daily, it also helps my muscular pains. I am surely gonna sleep like a baby the followed night! All good benefits for the body and mind! A day of vacation to escape my stressful life!

Bota Bota the dreamy escape!

My favourite urban spa is definitively Bota bota. Made on a real boat on the Montréal old Port. There are multiple hot and cold baths on board! Also in the summer the garden is so pretty full of flowers! But what’s very exceptional about this spa is the food! I had the best tartars of my life! And i am not talking about the view! It’s an amazing daily adventure!

In grand nature!  

If you have read my Albertan adventure, you surely did no miss, my wild hot spring story! This began rolling on the edge of a precipice! Yes literally 15 minutes on a narrow road with a breathtaking view towards the end. A false maneuver and I let you imagine the rest!

While I was scared for my life, I finally saw the parking lot. We were practically alone. To get to the hot spring, we had to descend the complete precipice (by stairs thankfully) The view was unreal, the icy river of mountains water mixes part of the hot spring. While some of the waters were almost unbearably hot, the other was freezing.

All this to tell you that it was the most beautiful spa experience of my life. I do seriously recommend you to visit a wild hot spring a least once in your life!! Add it to your bucket list!

For you, is a natural or artificial spa that suits you best? Please tell me in the comments!

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  1. Wow, this Boat Bota spa looks like heaven 😍 I would love to visit Canada one day and this will be on the list of things to do!
    Thanks for sharing this little treasure with us 😊

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