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December 4, 2018
Happy Birthday to Me
December 22, 2018

I can tell you, being an entrepreneur is not easy, but so rewarding! Here are the eight things that make our work so worth it.

1. Everything is in place, ready to be shown!
Well, yes, the website is made, the Facebook page created, our first products and services are well presented, it only remains to launch everything! Our hearts are full, we have small fears, but so happy with the result! We cannot wait to show it all!

2. See comments about our work. 

Seeing the beautiful comments gives us a boost of energy. A social media share gives us visibility and recognition! What a beautiful feeling! Caffeine is no more a necessity to wake us up. We cannot wait to start working, offer new products, and show our ideas!

3. Starting to earn.
See that the financial worries are only temporary. That the craze for our work, after sleepless nights to create, we feel good, a bit like a caress on the shoulder. The stress flies to the wind!

4. Customize your day, to your needs!
Appointment at the dentist? No problem! Children are sick? It’s no fun, but things that happen! Being an entrepreneur means being a manager of your own schedule! Our flexibility is unbeatable and we like it! The office opens when you’re ready and closes when the job is done! Or never, if we are overwhelmed by work!

5. Our office represents our creativity
The furniture that we like, the music that motivates us, everything is there to make us feel good and happy!

6. No office? We improvise!
Why stay at home? We can go to Starbucks, libraries, a community office, or the beach in the sun. Everything is at our disposal! Dependent on our profession, of course!

7. No time for holidays? Who will prevent us from working on the other side of the world?
Work-cation is the best! No time for a real vacation, but want to change the air? Not a problem! For me, I only need my computer to do proper work!

8. The happiness of your client gives you wings!
It’s not just caffeine that causes this effect, believe me! Having a happy customer is the most beautiful pay of an entrepreneur! That’s why we continue! Without businesses, we would be nothing!

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