February 17, 2019

Differences between WordPress.org and .com

As a wordpress pro,,I would like to explain to you what wordpress is and the big differences between wordpress .org and .com You will be able […]

About Me

Melissande Dextras

Welcome on my blog! Let me introduce myself! I am a web entrepreneur, making websites is my full time job! I love that I can be independent! I have the impression that one day I will be able to work on the go!

I have tried to enter into blogging for more than 15 years, no joke! I never found myself, I subject to stuck in it! For my 30th birthday I decide to launch that blog.

A new decade deserves a new project! Hope, you will love my inspirations and my posts! Keep in mind: I am a french Canadian! This blog is also a way to improve my English :)